About us
The New Hyde Park PAL Unit of Nassau County Police Activity League is an integral part of our community.  Our non-profit organization is staffed by a Nassau County Police Officer and a group of volunteer members.
The mission of the Nassau County Police Activity League, Inc. is to operate youth clubs and provide sports, crafts, and other programs of a team or individual nature for all boys and girls in Nassau County, New York, regardless of race, religion, income or handicap.  The intent of the activities is to prevent juvenile delinquency and to aid in the development of good citizenship through the positive interaction of police officers and youths.

Police Officer Director
  1. Edwin Philip
Executive Board
  1. Nicholas Caras, President
  2. Artie Catania, Vice President
  3. BessMarie Caras, Treasurer
  4. David Jackson, Board Member
  5. Peter Smith, Board Member 
  6. Bruce McDougall, Trustee
  7. Wally Brooks, Alt Trustee
  8. ​Pete McClean